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High-performance audio/video receiver that boasts multiple wireless connectivity options, six HDMI inputs and 700 watts of beautiful sound.

There’s never been a Harman Kardon® AVR with this combination of power, performance and connectivity options. This 7.2-channel networked audio/video receiver offers up to 700 watts of muscle and six 3D-ready HDMI® inputs, including one that’s MHL compatible for mobile device connection. Its compatibility with Apple AirPlay software, Bluetooth connectivity, vTuner™ Internet radio, Roku Streaming Stick™ dongle and DLNA® 1.5 technology lets you stream high-fidelity audio. Its new EzSet/EQ™ III auto-calibration system gets the most from your speakers. The AVR 171 is lightweight, and thanks to HARMAN GreenEdge™ certification, you’ll get all the power you love in an environmentally friendly form.

Unit of sale: each
Model Number: AVR 171/230


The AVR remote app cannot be opened on my Smartphone if it is already active on another device.
This is normal. The Remote App can only be open on one smartphone or tablet computer at a time.
Do the AVR 151+161+171 support CEC functions?
They support One Touch Play, System Standby/Wakeup and Audio Return Channel control.
In the system setup, there is an option by the name of Network Update. I cannot seem to make it work. Why is that?
The Network Update function is not active, and selecting it will cause the AVR to freeze up. You just have to remove and re-apply power to get back to normal function, though. Please perform all updates with USB stick only.
I cannot get the remote app to work. Is there any advice you can give?
Please update to the latest version of the remote app, if you have not already done so. If this does not remove the problem, please check if NAS drives or other peripherals are conflicting with the remote app. Disconnect such peripherals one at a time to check if any one of them interferes with the operation of the remote app. In some cases, wired internet connection to the receiver prevents the remote app from working correctly. If this is the case, establishing a wireless connection usually solves the problem. In the BDS 280 and 580, as well as many other models, wireless connection is a standard feature. With earlier BDS versions, it will be necessary to purchase a separate wireless system from another provider.


Video Features
Television FormatPAL
Input Level/Impedance1 Vp-p/75 ohms
Output Level/Impedance1 Vp-p/75 ohms
Video Frequency Response (Component Video)10 Hz – 8 MHz
HDMI Input / Output4 K x 2 K
HDMI Version1.4 a with 3D support
FM Tuner Features
Frequency Range87.5 MHz – 108.0 MHz MHz
Usable Sensitivity (IHF)1.3 μV/13.2 dBf
Signal-to-Noise Ratio (Mono/Stereo)70 dB/68 dB
Distortion (Mono/Stereo)0.2%/0.3%
Stereo Separation @ 1kHz40 dB
Selectivity ±400kHz70 dB
Image Rejection80
IF Rejection80
AM Tuner Specifications
Frequency Range kHz522 kHz – 1,620 kHz kHz
Signal-to-Noise Ratio38 dB
Usable Sensitivity (Loop)500 µV
Distortion(1 kHz, 50% mod): 1.0%
Selectivity(±10 kHz): 30 dB
General Specifications
Power Requirement220V - 240V AC, 50Hz/60Hz
Dimensions (H x W x D – Metric/English)121 mm x 440 mm x 300 mm
Weight (Metric/English)5.1 kg (11 lb)

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